Can, sir

Zoom performance, video


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The decision to use Zoom space for performance was not accidental. The intent was to show a very programmable and controllable "solid" structure being as imperfect and unexpectedly malleable as our perception and existence.

We conceived this project as something that should surprise Zoom conference participants. Conceptually this at first goes unnoticed and seems like a coincidence or an error and is then eliminated. It is similar to the work of a biological cell, which has self-correction mechanisms. Along the course of the performance, we implemented small interventions into the curriculum of the learning process during Zoom conferences. Such interventions generally went unnoticed but, in rare cases, evoked spontaneous responses in some viewers. Conceptually it worked as something hidden and imperceptible while being very visible and easy to notice.

The performance finale brought out a genuine accidental reaction and an authentic improvisation by the performer due to a technical error. This unexpected accident significantly enhanced the meaning of the interpretation of our performance and made the performance itself more impactful to the immediate viewers.

How can something so sudden and uncontrollable be present in our life?

We realized the performer's lack of control over the situation by connecting people with the performer's face to the Zoom conference; we used modern AI technologies and deepfakes to achieve this. An excellent reference for this situation is a feeling of recognition that one cannot fully control the information associated with themselves, an inevitable loss of privacy, erosion of identity, and an unconscious. The performer interacted and engaged in a dialogue with the intruders, of which there were 8 in total.

The creator and administrator of the Zoom conference cannot fully control it; everything goes according to a different scenario, one that is impossible to predict. Cancer is also a great example of such a phenomenon. Until the very end, a presence (or illusion) of control does not leave the participants, but in the end, the performance creates a feeling of complete loss of control. The only thing one can do is to act and improvise.

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non-intersecting parallel shards of the same reality merging (old perf viewers — new perf viewers)

Cancer has many capacities, many speeds?

cancer usually goes undetected till the terminal stages without screenings for the initial audience this results in a reasonable confusion at the end of the performance thus only by looking closely at the presented threads of meaning and coincidences one can recognize parts of the involved structure though can be easily tangled up in the combinatorial explosion of patterns and possibilities as a parallel to the unrestricted cancerous growth resulting in the departure

the banality of the message presented here evokes motivations of young scientists dreaming of curing cancer


street art; another perspective that this piece highlights is that of a street art often being forced upon passersby this effect could be very evident for a long-time inhabitants and commuters for whom place of an installation is a familiar and long-known one just like all participants of this Practice; you became accustomed to this emergent space of zoom calls which was shaped by your colleagues in your conversational and behavioral patterns, more transient feelings and thoughts, nailed to the city plan like monuments and old sculptures there was no attempt in redefining 'street' as it would be in a bad taste even for this piece, though one can't help by concede to the inevitability of transformation of released art; people, critters and even nature changes walls and posters; this is unavoidable, but produces a conversation, hopefully a one which wasn't there before

I respect as a human being

By using data containing participants' faces and constructing models for generating face swapped images and videos artist strips participants of their privacy but then decides to use these new tools for privacy-enhancing purposes as an alternative of blurring faces thus raising the question of control.

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… cancer is intimately tied to anxiety each individual may experience